About Us

Coast IQ was founded by Andy Hawkins, a digital entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience acquiring domain names, building brands and developing web properties. We combine research, security, branding, acquisition, management, development and appraisal and forge these elements into a complete domain name strategy for your business or project. Our goal is to find the perfect domain name for your business and increase awareness of your brand online.

If you have questions about domain names and building your brand online – we have answers, we can help. Our consulting and advisory services are guaranteed to identify opportunities and issues with respect to your unique domain name strategy. For a free, confidential consultation, please contact us today. We love to talk about domain names.

Our services include:

  • Domain Name Strategy and Research – It’s all about choosing the best possible domain name for your business. We acquire the data, research it thoroughly and draft a strategy to help you make an informed business decision.
  • Domain Name Advisory and Consulting – You have questions about domains and how they relate to your business. We have the answers ready for you! So whether it’s online marketing, acquisition, SEO, social media, CMS, web hosting, branding, Google, email security, whatever – you can trust in our experience to help guide you.
  • Domain Name Appraisal and Valuation – There are no written rules or set prices when it comes to buying and selling domain names. Domain name values can change in an instant. Knowledge is the best bargaining power, we help shift the balance of power to our clients. Coast IQ utilizes a proprietary set of measurements and tools to give our clients accurate domain appraisals including past history, demand, CPC, branding potential, rarity, age, length and more.
  • Domain Name Brokerage and Acquisition – We buy and sell domain names throughout the week. So, if you are in the market to buy or sell, we can definitely take care of you. We also monitor domains for acquisition and offer our clients stealth acquisition services.
  • Domain Name Portfolio Management – Domain names are assets. Domains are valuable investments. Domains are property. You have to protect your property. We show you how to keep your domains safe, keep domains from expiring, watch your renewals, fight cyber criminals, and ensure your portfolio is secure.

Domain name strategy is a complicated and time consuming process. Don’t you have a business to run, anyway! We offer valuable insight that will help grow your business while lessening your load. For a confidential, complimentary consultation, you can contact us here.

More about our founder:

Andy Hawkins started out in the beverage business in the early 1990s, selling beer in the Mississippi Delta. To satisfy his curiosity, he learned HTML in 1998 – building a simple one page football schedule on a free web host – and was hooked from the start when he found out how to monetize all the traffic coming from search engines.

From there, Hawkins started buying domain names and developing websites. As time passed, he applied what he learned about keywords, the long tail, SEO, monetization, EMDs, valuation, appraisal, security, legal, responsive design, history, analytics, CMS, business, portfolio management, marketing, economics and much, much more into his own blend of domain name strategy and brand building ideas.

It hasn’t always been rosy, though. Through the years he’s spent thousands of dollars buying worthless domain names, wasted countless hours developing and designing websites that never made a sale, promoted affiliate programs that closed overnight or cut commissions at the height of popularity, even played the Google SERPs game and agonized over ranking fluctuations. The bad comes with the territory, though. It’s how to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

And through it all, he continues to learn. Everyday is a new learning experience, actually. With domain names, he’s discovered what’s valuable, what’s not valuable. With web projects, he knows when to go all in and when to shut it down. His understanding of and vision with domains and branding makes him the perfect resource when you’re just starting out on a project or you’ve hit a snag after you’ve launched. Let his experience go to work for you.

Today, his domain investments have grown to include nearly 100 websites with content focusing on legal forms, sports and generic products, along with a large portfolio of domain names. Seven days a week, you’ll find him developing content with WordPress, researching the domain trade, brand building, learning about new technology, keeping abreast of legal issues concerning the domain name market, and talking to everyone about the benefits of owning the perfect domain name. In addition, Hawkins:

  • Has a BBA in Information Systems and MBA from Delta State University.
  • Reads everything he can from Domain Investing, Namebio, DSAD, Domain Sherpa, the Domaining feeds and anything the Domain King has written.
  • Can be found throughout the day and night on Namepros, Expired Domains and DomainIQ.
  • Monitors expiring and pre-release domains in the auctions at NameJet, GoDaddy, Snapnames and DropCatch.
  • Favorite domain in his portfolio is DeltaBlues.com – for sentimental reasons.

You can contact Andy at andy@coastiq.com or through our contact page.